Adriana Rocha


Living at the Limit

If the act of inhabiting corresponds to the idea of living, it is because it used to correspond to the idea of occupying, the idea of the occupation of spaces, and to a certain degree, the spaces could be the places occupied by our bodies. However, determining the exactness of its limits in this case is a task, which brings us many answers, as every one of these limits cannot only be defined by the extension of our arms or the skin that covers our bodies. Perhaps we can understand that the differences of some of these limits are in our eyes, a case in which the distances are marked by fixed limits, kinds of brakes domesticated by habits or impositions. Therefore, touching these borders which we ourselves or others have chosen, thinking about their actual physical proximity, so that we can then equally inhabit them is, to all appearances, a never ending search which probably only has to configure itself into versions that can contain the concrete and formal quality of an ideal. They are transformed realities because they are wanted. As a result, the skies and seas which, in principle, point to the infinite become finite when we catch, define and crop them so that we finally establish our likely homes in them. They become limits subject to being touched, limits we can insert into the places where the dwelling place now really corresponds to the idea of living.

From the original in Portuguese by Carlos Avelino de Arruda Camargo, July 2012